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Not good customer care / user community support here.

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Not good customer care / user community support here.



recently I made two posts because I'm interested to taste a little bit Maya (I'm a blender user),but no one replied to my posts,so I think that's not good. This does not seem to be a good customer / community support. I would like to remark this,since the user satisfaction is a key element to attract people to use an (expensive) tool. No one had the answers to my questions ? ok,but no one even tried to help. No men,I didn't expect a bad behavior like this from the best CG tool user community like the Autodesk one.

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This is not the place for get 100% guaranteed response from the Autodesk, and your post GOT Autodesk employee answer. Your claims are unjust.

Whereas, the Community is volunteer-driven, no obligations/guarantees.. Apparently, your expectations don't match the character of the Forum, and posts  don't appeal to the audience - haven't read myself them, sorry. Sometimes those might be missed accidentally, or expecting someone else would answer better.

Also, for the "taste" you just do some tutorials, take beginner courses; do not expect someone to write custom tailored tuts and entry-level guide you. The great Youtube and Maya Learning Resources are at your fingertips.

Come back later.

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