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noob workflow question

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noob workflow question

hey all, im fairly new to modeling and am working on my first full project unsupervised and im not sure in what order i should be doing things. the character is an anthro rabbit and ive already sculpted the basemesh and retopologized it in maya. i still have to rig/animate, UV, texture, render fur with xgen, and create clothes (planning on using marvelous designer but open to other suggestions!) 

does anyone have any suggestions on how i should go through this workflow? or does anyone have any suggestions for a better/more optimized workflow? thanks

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It seems that you're on the right track for modeling your character. But an "optimized" workflow is hard to say because that all depends on what your end goal for this character model is. If your goal is just to make a character model, then what you're doing is good. If you're done with the Sculpt and you did the retopo, then I would suggest you move one to UVs and textures. With these done, you can plan out clothes in MD. After you get those done, thats when I would move on to the fur, since now that the clothes are on your character, you can see where to place the fur. Then go on to rigging your character and animating it. Finally, I would do the renders for the still shot/video. I do a similar process with real-time characters sculpt hi-res( includes clothes), retopo, uv, texture, rig, and render. Hopefully, this helps you out.

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