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New Mudbox Plugin - MudKit (DynaSkin, DynaBool and Object Align)

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New Mudbox Plugin - MudKit (DynaSkin, DynaBool and Object Align)

MudKit is a new plugin for Autodesk Mudbox that provides a collection of tools that are currently missing in Mudbox.

And, best of all...


MudKit is Free!


You can get MudKit at


This release of MudKit is Windows only, is compatible with Mudbox 2023-2024, and includes the following tools:


  • DynaSkin - This tool quickly and dynamically regenerates a workable topology over the surface of your selected mesh.
  • DynaBool - Using the DynaSkin feature, DynaBool provides a set of boolean operations that can increase your creative flexibility.
  • Object Align - This toolset enables you to quickly align multiple selected objects to either a target object or the origin in X, Y, Z and XYZ space.

I am a 3D art and animation enthusiast who is interested in 3d animated short films. I am also an experienced programmer. I operate under my limited liability company: Iconic Motion Studios, LLC.


Among the 3D sculpting software on the market, I have always been partial to Autodesk Mudbox. I like the simplicity of its user interface, its comfortable workflow and its integration with Maya and 3ds Max. Mudbox, however, is missing some meaningful tools that many artists desire.


I developed MudKit to fill in some of the gaps that exist in Mudbox's current set of tools. As Autodesk incorporates some of the tools MudKit offers, I will adjust the toolkit accordingly. It is my sincere hope that Autodesk will do so. Until that happens...


Please Enjoy MudKit!

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Thanks! Those are great extensions!


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