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Need Help with GPU

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Need Help with GPU

I need Help. I have really ever since the Arnold GPU came to be. Whenever I try to do GPU rendering in Arnold, and I go to select the Settings for GPU it shows the I only have anywhere from 200-500MB free of my 4095MB card. Its never any more than that of free GPU memory no batter what I do. I have made sure the card is active in DxDiag, I've done the settings changes in NVIDA Control Panel, and on the task manager it shows only 0-8% of the GPU being used at any given time. Nothing fixes this, not restarting, or changing GPU cache preferences. I dont know what I'm doing and could use some help. Anyone?



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The system + maya needs those 1.5 gb to work. There is no way around it.

Thats why we have 24gb GPUs.


Make sure you load your maya scene in wireframe mode. To not load textures into the gpu ram.

And use GPU-Z to monitor your gpu ram. 


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Hey Christoph,

So this was the issues I was not only getting on my desktop that has a 24gb Quadro but on my Laptop with only the 4GB(I like using this when I travel and have to work). However this being said I just updated the Arnold software and it Fixed my issue, it did however use about 1GB for system and left 3GB for use on Maya so I guess this is solved now. I had this issue since Arnold allowed the GPU rendering a few years back and it didn't matter the size of my graphics card, however I noticed the update button on the render settings pop up and when I updated it fixed my issue on both machines. Thanks for the insight it is appreciated. 

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