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Ncloth to rig static tree mesh

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Ncloth to rig static tree mesh

Hi, I'm looking for a quick and simple way to create a short animation of a lilac tree shaken by the wind.


I have a OBJ model, composed by a few separated meshes (see ref images attached). Since I'm planning to render with Renderman, I'm planning to convert the existing materials to Renderman materials and re-apply the textures. Then I was thinking to use ncloth and its wind in order to achieve the animation I need.


I'm not very familiar with ncloth so I was looking for advices on how to proceed. So far I tried to apply a ncloth to the main trunk, then I Nconstrained the vertexes at its base and tweaked the settings. Is this the right way to proceed? Then how do I link the smaller branches, leaves and flowers (which are separated objects) in a way that they are attached to the main ncloth but they are ncloths too so everything shakes with the wind generated by the same nucleus? It doesn't have to be perfect but I'm looking for a quick solution to do this.


Otherwise is there any other way to proceed considering that I have to use the existing mesh (as it needs to be a realistic lilac) so I can't, for instance, recreate it with PaintFX and as I won't probably be able to recreate exactly the same plant?





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