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Navigation issues with Wacom Intuos Pro + Maya 2020 + MacOS 11.4

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Navigation issues with Wacom Intuos Pro + Maya 2020 + MacOS 11.4

Hey community,


I am experiencing really bad behaviour with the use of my wacom within Maya. Im using the tablet eversince and haven´t had any issues like this yet. But now it gets worse and worse. 

I am already in touch with the Wacom support but my question here is, is anyone else experiencing similar weirdness?


Middlemouse drag a texture from Node Editor into a Shaders slot in Attribute Editor with mouse is no problem, with tablet it seems that the selection is stuck and when I hover around the screen or the Node Editor, it constantly draws melé selections and selects something. Same with Outliner: I drag something and then the left click (on stylus) does not work anymore - it´s stuck with the middle click. Either I have to take the mouse and do a click onto something so that it gets resetted or I have to go out of Maya, click on desktop and get back.
Sometimes during modeling or orbiting with Option Key on keyboard it seems that the software or the driver ignores the pressed key on the keyboard. Or it´s constantly pressed even though my fingers are away and I can rotate around in space without any additional key. 

This is really bizarre and I am clueless where this issue comes from.

A question from Wacom adressed to Autodesk was if Maya does support pressure sensitive pens such as a Wacom Stylus.


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I have same issues

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I've just started experiencing this - please can you help with suggestions
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Similar issues where my Intuos Pro M, Cintiq 22HD on Ventura starts randomly clicking on things in Maya 2019 and 2022. For instance it will grab the panels on the side and undock them or when hovering over the outliner I can't drag and drop the camera views to the viewport, etc.. I had to lock my UI to even make it semi functional.

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Looks like the latest driver seems to have resolved this so far.

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