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Navigate outliner with keyboard

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Navigate outliner with keyboard

Is it possible to navigate the outliner using the keyboard? I would like to be able to consistently walk up and down the hierarchy, probably using the arrow keys, expanding and collapsing nodes, maybe using left and right arrows, or plus and minus buttons?

Currently pickwalk is tripping me up, every time I press an arrow key a different node to what I expect is being selected.

Thank you


Edit: To clarify, I have been experimenting for the last hour, googling, editing hotkeys, looking at documentation, without success, so I thought I would try asking in the forum.

The maya keyboard shortcut guide just says that arrow keys do pick walk, and the outliner section just has F (reveal selected) and Enter (rename item) - so that doesn't really help me.


I would like up and down to move vertically in the outliner, and left/right (or plus/minus) to expand collapse nodes, so I can systematically walk the entire tree using the keyboard.


Maybe it's not possible?

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Look for Maya keyboard shortcuts in the documentation or Google

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in reply to: damaggio

Thank you for your reply, I have edited my question to clarify some details.

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