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My Maya's borked and I need help fixing/resetting it

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My Maya's borked and I need help fixing/resetting it

So, I while back when I was starting Maya for a class I attempted to upload a project file by dragging it directly to the upload space (and possibly some other stuff, I don't remember), and now Maya 2022 and 2023 are completely broken when I try to open any scenes in them. It usually just gives me a window like the ones below and then crashes immediately afterword. Uninstalling/Reinstalling Maya doesn't seem to help, but the 2020 version still seems to work fine. Is there a way to fully reset Maya 2022/23 in a more thorough way than just reinstalling them?

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in reply to: smckinsey1

did you delete the Maya folder in the documents?

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in reply to: Baboonian

Are you suggesting that I try that or asking if that's what I did? Because I don't remember but I might've done that at one point
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I had the same error before and my solution was to uninstall and download the latest version

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