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Mutlti-threading - best CPU for simulations

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Mutlti-threading - best CPU for simulations

Hi guys - I'm buying a new workstation soon and trying to decide on the most appropriate CPU for my type of work. My rendering is entirely GPU based with Redshift. However I do a lot of MASH work and some simulations with nCloth, maybe Bifrost in future. Since Maya 2017 I know the nCloth solver has been multi-threaded. I've attached a simple cloth scene - on my current old rig with playback set to Play Every Frame I get an average of 60% CPU utilization and 3fps (lol). That's on a quad core i7 4790K. GPU is GTX 1070 although I'm fairly sure that plays little role with solvers in a small scene.


Getting an idea of CPU utilization on newer CPUs is important as this will determine whether I get a 12 core Ryzen 5900X or a 24 core 3960X Threadripper. I've attached the scene - feel free to test it if you have a newer CPU and post your results 🙂 I am only considering the AMD platform with Gen 4.0, but it would be interesting to see CPU utilization on a modern Intel CPU as well.

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Take a look at the Bifrost bench here. You can clearly see ThreadRippers are rocking.


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