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MTOA freezes Maya on startup for >12 Minutes

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MTOA freezes Maya on startup for >12 Minutes

MTOA freezes Maya on startup for >12 Minutes


I have both 2020.4 (MtoA-5.1.3-2020) and 2023.1 (MtoA-5.1.3-2023) behaving the same way. I start Maya and it freezes on startup for over 12 minutes ( yes, I timed them :[ ).

Once opened they work fine. I turned all plugins off in the plugin manager and restarted. They boot up in seconds.

Narrowed problem down to MTOA by slowly turning usual plugins back on and restart.


Hit checkbox on MTOA in plugin manager while Maya is open and same behavior: spinning load wheel for 12+ minutes, Maya frozen till MTOA is done "loading".


This all started after last weeks Windows 10 automatic (grrrr) update so I followed everything Autodesk recommends here :


-All software and drivers and operating system bits referenced in that Autodesk Help linl (above) are up to date.
-Windows User Account is not corrupted (ran SFC scan and DISM scan, all good)
-Tried deleting prefs, same behavior
-Blender, Cinema 4D, Adobe products all behaving normal.


The only thing I have not done is a clean re-install of all Autodesk products. I don't have time for that during this production (12 minute startup is unfortunately preferable)


2020.4 (MtoA-5.1.3-2020: new clean install)
2023.1 (MtoA-5.1.3-2023: new clean install)

Windows 10 Pro
Ver: 21H2
OS Bld: 19044.1766
AMD Ryzen 9 5950X 16-Core Processor 3.40 GHz
Ram: 128 GB
2X RTX 3090s - Driver Ver:

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First i would just reinstall MtoA. Maybe it does fix the issue.

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I did that, as stated above:


"2020.4 (MtoA-5.1.3-2020: new clean install)
2023.1 (MtoA-5.1.3-2023: new clean install)"


Sorry that wasn't more clear.

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I havnt seen anything like this before. Sorry i cant help.

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Thanks. Me neither. 

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