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Moving UVs causes crashes without errors

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Moving UVs causes crashes without errors

After comfortably using Maya 2020 for a year, it began slowing to a crawl and becoming very difficult to work in. I just switched to 2022 yesterday, and working is much better, especially doing UV work. However, whenever I attempt to move UVs, Maya simply crashes without any error to show for it. I have no idea why this is happening as it only started today.

I've tried switching renderers, from the default OpenGL to DX11 and back only to get the same result. I tried OpenGL Legacy. Changed animation evaluation to DG. I've deleted history and frozen transformations on objects before attempting to move the UVs.

I can barely work if I can't move things around in the UV editor. It won't even let me use layout. I'd be really appreciative of any help. If it's relevant, Maya has also not been letting me optimize UVs or even use the Layout function. So I have no idea if there's some setting on by default that I need to change.


I would be very appreciative of any help. Frankly, I can't get any work done as is this way.

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There are no pictures of the problematic file nor the file itself. No information of the OS and computer specs.

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Here is a screenshot. Moving any UV will crash it now quite suddenly, but before this it was fine. In particular, once I did a UV > Camera-Based on the highlighted UV it started crashing afterward.


I'm running Windows 10, Intel i7-9700F @3.00 GHz, 8 CPUs, ~3.0Ghz with 16 GB of ram, and DX12

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in reply to: machino22

Okay, oddly enough... cutting the highlighted UV into parts and THEN moving it works. I have no idea why it does this, but I split it into 4 and I can move this and other UVs fine now. Definitely weird, and a workaround I suppose- but I would still appreciate answers.

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