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Move and Rotation tool move and scale with cursor

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Move and Rotation tool move and scale with cursor

I ran into an issue in which whenever I have the Move or Rotation tools selected and I move my cursor across the viewport the rotation and scale move/scale/rotate with it. I tried resetting the tools and restarting Maya but that did not fix the issue. I am also unable to select objects in the viewport or move my perspective camera to move around my scene. Help?! Everything seems to work perfectly fine in the planner views.

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in reply to: jzhang196RAL4

I looked at your video and I'm really bothered that the icons on the toolbox (the toolbar with the buttons to pick the select and transform tools) are so not the right size.  Have you done something to change the DPI in windows or force a high DPI setting on Maya, perhaps to accomodate a 4k monitor?  Something like this might mess up the view and indeed cause an offset like this.  Maya has a user preference to set the scaling of the user interface to work with a 4K monitor.  Typically, you'd set it at 200%



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