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thank you very much for your attention.

After so much investment in time and money I gave up on learning Autodesk Maya and am migrating to Blender.

I spent practically three years of my life, I invested in expensive equipment and I can't get a student license, even taking courses in online schools.

I am a self-taught student using internet forums, youtube and books to learn such a difficult and complicated software and today I no longer have access to the program, only in the form of piracy.

I refuse to use pirated software, so the only alternative was to migrate to Blender.

In the beginning there was the possibility of using Maya in a student version with a watermark, which does not exist today.

I see no solution to my problem and practically wasted all this time and mountains of money for nothing.


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in reply to: rccerqueira

Ola Ricardo, voce ja tentou a Maya Indie?, it's much more affordable these days, also you can still get Maya student license if you enroll in a school.(Why can't you get a student license, you didn't explain)

Also the Brazilian 3D industry exploded in the past 20 yeas, there are many amazing studios there, maybe you could apply for an internship and continue to use Maya.

Blender is also a great tool and many things you learned in Maya can be carried over to Blender , in any case I hope you can still continue in your artistic 3D journey... ai na velha terra.

Boa sorte.

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in reply to: damaggio

thanks for listening.

I am not eligible for a student license as there is no way for me to enroll in an authorized autodesk school as there is none in the state where I live.

I studied online at schools like Plural Sight and other online courses, internet forums, Youtube and many, many books.

My revolt is knowing that I invested so much time, A LOT OF MONEY AND TIME and now I'm going to throw it all in the trash, it won't do me any good.

I'm from Rio de Janeiro and the nearest school is in another state, more than 500 km away.

It's disappointing after so long to learn that my struggle to learn Maya software was in vain.
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in reply to: rccerqueira

Hi @rccerqueira,

The Autodesk Education Plan, as far as I'm aware, has always required attendance at an accredited institution, of which Pluralsight and YouTube are not.

As @damaggio mentioned, there is Maya Indie, which is heavily reduced available for under $300, ~R$1.100,00

It's not free, but it is a commercial license so that you can sell your work.

Leo Warren
Autodesk Student Ambassador Diamond
Please accept as solution and give likes if applicable.
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in reply to: leowarren34

Some considerations.

My reality is different from those who live in the United States.
My salary is approximately 980 dollars and in Brazil it is a very good salary, as more than half of my people earn around 270 dollars a month.

There's no way I can get a license for something that's only going to give me a financial return in about 2 years.

Just to pay for the basic computer that I built with parts from China (already used) it will take me almost a year.

Now that I started to have an evolution in the program and for that reason I ended up in debt to build a computer with medium requirements (the most expensive item was the Nvidia T400 video card that I paid in 10 installments) the license has expired and there is not even a school in my state to enroll and earn a license.

I would like it to go back to the student version with watermark when rendering a scene, which does not need documentation.

The program is quite difficult to learn in one year, as you would have to study it full time to learn the basics of everything in one year.

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