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Missing Tabs top of Screen (CTRL + M Doesn't do the trick)

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Missing Tabs top of Screen (CTRL + M Doesn't do the trick)

Hi, I am having an issue with the, File, Edit, Create, Windows etc that are supposed to be at the top of the screen next to the little house, it currently just says, Cache, Arnold, Help, that's it.


It happened after Maya decided to open up with a command box which lead to it crashing every time, I was advised to go to the "Pref" folder and rename it "PrefOld" which worked but left me with the issue I have described above.


When I hit space bar the options are also not there.


I have tried to uninstall and reinstall but it will not work.


When this happened before (with the command Box appearing when opening Maya) the only solution was to reset my computer, but I am not doing that again.


any advice?

Screenshot (4).png

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Hey, so i figured it out.


you have to delete the "year" folder (my case 2024) and re install at it comes back.



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