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Minor bug in Crease Set Editor window in ver 2024.1

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Minor bug in Crease Set Editor window in ver 2024.1

I noticed the window for the Crease Set Editor has a new bug that I've never seen in previous version of Maya. In the attached screenshot, you'll notice the first column is an extra blank column that takes up space. Is there a way to remove this column?


Also, is there any way to turn the Crease Set Editor into a tab that can be docked in the workspace?


Screenshot 2023-10-06 131736.png

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Hi. If you Right-Mouse-Button click and hold in that field, you'll see a list of colour samples. This column allows you to colour-code your sets. See CreaseSetLabel.png. That said, it could use a label, so Users know what it is.

I've logged this as MAYA-131229.


I've tried everything I can think of to get that editor to lock, but no luck. I've asked around, so I'll let you know if we can come up with something.


Thanks! Catherine

Catherine McGinnis
Maya Quality Assurance

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