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Middle mouse button dragging in Hypergraph doesn't work in maya 2020

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Middle mouse button dragging in Hypergraph doesn't work in maya 2020


I installed Maya 2020 last night and started working on my model, then noticed this issue.

Parenting objects by using drag & drop in Hypergraph worked until 2019 so I have no idea why it does not work anymore.
Please take a look a gif image I attached.

I've reset my preferences by deleting folders in Documents folder (C:\Users\***\Documents\maya\2020) and chose making a blank-new setting when I launched 2020, so I believe it is clean.

Or is this just only me?

I have not seen this kind of reports so far.  

Any help would be great.



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in reply to: mayukoHPCFH

We are aware of the issue and have it logged on our end!




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in reply to: nelsoncruz

Ah thanks! I'm looking forward to being able to use it again.

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in reply to: nelsoncruz

Soo? When it will be fixed?

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in reply to: nelsoncruz

If you haven't fixed it don't mark this as solved

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in reply to: matt6SXXG

This is an important part of the workflow for many of us. Please fix this ASAP

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Middle mouse dragging works on outliner but after the first middle mouse dragging the outliner or the Attr editor stop functioning. They start functioning again only if the not functioning tab is closed and reopened again but because it is not functioning, it always takes many attempts to close the tab. Please help Maya team!!!!!

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in reply to: nelsoncruz

Hi, has this been solved?

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in reply to: racheljn

Hi @racheljn 


Thanks for posting! I just tested this on Windows 10 with Maya 2020.1 (latest update) and it appears to be working as expected 🙂 Are you still experiencing the issue?


Thanks again for being a part of our community!

Jordan Giboney
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in reply to: racheljn


This is fixed since Maya 2020.1 .

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in reply to: jordan.giboney

So I just installed Maya 2020 this morning, but after reading this I went back and installed the update and that fixed it, thank you.

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in reply to: mayukoHPCFH

I'm using a student version of maya and I downloaded a month ago. How can I download 2020.1 version? I cannot see it on the student version page. 

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