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Method for Averaging Skin Weight Values of Overlapping Vertices?

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Method for Averaging Skin Weight Values of Overlapping Vertices?

Does anyone know of a built-in workflow or a tool out there to average the smooth skin values of overlapping vertices?

I have a character built out of multiple separate meshes to allow for asset swapping and customization. I have the pipeline mostly figured out but this last step is stumping me and I'd rather not have to go through and average the component weights manually. Should note that I copied skin weights from a combined, merged version of these meshes onto the individual meshes and there is a slight tearing happening along the borders, so averaging the values is a necessary step at this point.

Trying to use Smooth Skin Weights threw me this error:
// Warning: line 0: No suitable object or more than one objects were selected for the skin cluster. //

So that also doesn't seem like a route I can take.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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