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MEL "confirmDialog" not behaving as expected

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MEL "confirmDialog" not behaving as expected

//Find Workspace and open confirmDialog
string $sceneDir = `workspace -q -fn`;
string $saveSceneQuery = `confirmDialog -title "Render to this Directory?"
-message $sceneDir
-button "Yes"
-button "Set Project"
-button "Cancel"
-defaultButton "Yes"
-cancelButton "Cancel"
-dismissString "Cancel"`;


//If Answer is "Yes"
if($saveSceneQuery == "Yes"){

string $getSHs[] = `fileDialog2 -ds 1 -fileFilter "*.sh"`;





I'm running Maya 2018 on OS X. 


The above code is a snippet from a larger MEL script that I wrote. However, when executed it seems to open the file dialog box and close it immediately without any interaction from he user. If I comment out the confirmDialog section and simply set the $saveSceneQuery equal to "Yes", everything works as expected. The fileDialog2 box open and lets me save the .sh file. Can anyone see why that would be/confirm you are having the same issue? (Sorry that the formatting didn't copy and paste very well)


Thank you!





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in reply to: Anonymous

Hi @Anonymous


Is your 2018 up to date?


I just tried this on on 2018 with Update 5 installed and it worked as expected with the file browser opening and waiting for my input.



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in reply to: sean.heasley

Thanks for testing it out for me. I'm running update 4, but I'll give 5 a try. I'm curious though, are you on a Mac or PC? If you're on a Mac, which OS are you running? I've determined that swapping the "promptDialog" command for the "confirmDialog" will give me the same issue... so I'm thinking maybe its an OS X Finder thing. I've tried on a couple macs running different OS versions and they've all given me the same error. 


Thanks again

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in reply to: Anonymous

Hi @Anonymous


I'm running Windows 10 on a PC so yes its possible this may be specifically down to Mac OS's.



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in reply to: sean.heasley

Updating to Maya 2018 update 5 seems to have fixed the issue. Thanks!

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in reply to: Anonymous

Hi @Anonymous


No problem! Glad the update solved this issue for you!



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