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Maya2022 Loading scene stuck

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Maya2022 Loading scene stuck

I load and render the same frame of the same scene on two windows11 machines with the same configuration, one machine takes 11 minutes and the other 90 minutes
I've tried everything on the 90 minute machine without success, including: reinstalling Maya, reinstalling Arnold
By comparing the rendering logs, I found that one of them will freeze for a long time after loading Arnold. Does anyone know the reason for this? thank you very much



code block waiting for IOcode block waiting for IOComparison of time anomalies on the logComparison of time anomalies on the log

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Can you post the full logs?

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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Thanks for replying so quickly, here is my log

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All the extra time is spend reading the Maya scene file:


2022-05-31 02:57:17: 0: STDOUT: File read in 4374 seconds.




2022-05-31 14:21:39: 0: STDOUT: File read in 305.5 seconds.


Not sure what is happening there, but it's not happening during the render.
Most of that time is spent after loading MtoA, and before the 4787 warnings about "Unrecognized node types" and "invalid or unused components".

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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Yes, I found this too, but both render logs show the same: "Unrecognized node types" and "invalid or unused components".

How should I determine where the problem is?

I can do some testing with it

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