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maya vs 3ds max for animation

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maya vs 3ds max for animation



Which softxare has the most features if you only consider animation (not modelling): maya or 3ds max?

i'm very interested in animation but I don't know which one too choose.

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in reply to: i-am-elmo

we could answer better with another question "What is your career goal?"....

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in reply to: damaggio

It's hobby. I want to use the software which offers the most animation features.

So modelling is lower priority.


Can you tell me: 3ds max or maya?

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in reply to: i-am-elmo

I would use Blender then, is 100% free and has great animation tools and you can monetize.

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in reply to: damaggio

please answer my question: which software is the best for animation (if not considering the modelling tools): maya or 3ds max?


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in reply to: i-am-elmo


There is no "the best".

Every software has it's pros and cons.

You can only get the one that best fit's your needs based on your hardware, the work you want to do AND personal preferences.

Of course you have to get some experience first, before you can make a final decision, so this is nothing someone else can do for you.


There are currently many 3d products available on the market and I would say you can finish a certain job in every of these applications.

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Why would one reply Blender when asked between Maya and 3DS Max on an autodesk platform? Weird...
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in reply to: pascallabillois23

As he pointed out - Blender is 'free'.
If this is just a hobby for you - why tie yourself to a subscription fee is what I think he's getting at...

As far as your question - there is no 'best'. I'd recommend trying both out and seeing which better fits your comforts and needs rather than focusing on specs on a sheet of paper, per se.

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