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Maya Update 6, problems with MASH curve node.

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Maya Update 6, problems with MASH curve node.

I just update my Maya to the new version of 2018 version. I created a cube, created a new MASH network just like i always have and then create a new curve node but it's doing something really weird, it is not attaching correctly to the curve and the animation is not really working as it should.

I am working on an OMEN HP, windows 10, and also want to be clear that all this was working perfectly until I update the app.

Already try to re-installed MAYA once and twice, did not work, try to erase and load again the MASH plug-in, did not work, I am trying to know if i'm doing something wrong here, if there is an issue with the new update in Maya with some MASH nodes or what is the problem here. 

Any help would be a lot appreciated, thanks.



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Anansi, I checked mine as I have updated to v2018.6 and it seems to be working normally. Under Distribution are all of your distances set to Zero? -Derryl

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Looks correct.

In Distribute node set Distance X to "0" if you don't want the offset.

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Lol, it was just that.


Thank you guys very much, really appreciated your time.

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