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Maya to Nuke x

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Maya to Nuke x

hello all,


I am having real trouble getting a mash effect animated then imported into nuke x from Maya. 


I have attached a video of what im trying to achieve, which is:


on the first clip where the grass is have the second clip of mesh simulated on it as the camera tracking pans round


can anyone help ?

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Have you already done the animated mash effect from the tutorial? If so you can project a grass texture onto the mash network. Then bring in the video as image plane for a perspective camera. Since the video is so short it shouldn't be too difficult to keyframe/manually align the Mash network corners with the grass in the video. 

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thanks for your reply no I haven't done the animation yet but I'm trying to figure out how to make put it all together.


as for the video im only using a short one as I can't make it work with a longer one it doesn't have to be a short one...


could you give me some steps how to do this effect and put it into the video from Maya to nuke or vice versa.


thank you in advance



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in reply to: lukemoore3

For what you are trying to achieve, you will need to use a combination of 'Corner Pinning' and tracking. That is what it is called in After Effects, not sure about Nuke. Basically you set trackers for the corners of the field and it will calculate them across the time of the video and you can then attach your animation to them and it will move with the video.


There are many tutorials out there. Take a look at this and see if you gets you in the right direction:


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