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Maya to Cinema 4D

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Maya to Cinema 4D

I have an older version of C4D installed on my desktop and I've recently received the free trial to Maya 2022. Ive tried to import a scene I've exported out of Maya using the .fbx extension to C4D R16 and it would not accept the file. Will I need a plugin for C4D R16 for .fbx importing and exporting?

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in reply to: dahubb1988

Hello @dahubb1988,


normally there should be no additional plugin required to import FBX files to C4D. However, you can also try to export an .OBJ file from Maya and import it in C4D. See more in this post: How to convert Maya file (,mb) to Cinema 4D file?


In case you have no success and the import problems are related to C4D, I would recommend to contact Maxon support: Maxon Support Center


Hope this helps!


Best regards,


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in reply to: patrick.schock

Hi Patrick!


Ive  finally figured it out. I had exported the file in the wrong .fbx version. I had 1st exported my scene under .fbx 2020 version then I went back to save it as .fbx 2014/2015. Thank God I was able to find those legacy .fbx file extensions or I would be in trouble. Thank you!

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