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Maya to animated GLB

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Maya to animated GLB

i have a rigged charater, built in CC4, with motion capture data applied to it using Motionbuilder and then i export it to 3ds max or Maya. 3ds max doesnt translate very well as the limbs get distorted. Maya works very well and the animation runs clearly on the screen. Finally i need to export as a GLB file for use in our VR headsets... this is where the problem begins as no Autodesk products seem to export animated GLTF or GLB files. i tried to use various plugins however they only export one frame (babylon plugin) and the animation is lost on the created GLB - just one static frame.

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Does the VR kit you are using have any sort of SDK?
It sounds like someone will need to provide a plug-in to handle the files coming out of Maya.
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Which version of Maya? They changed how skinning works for 2024, adding multiple skin cluster support, so the BabylonJS exporter no longer works for skinned joints. Autodesk really needs to create a glTF exporter if they want to keep some of their independant clients. Everyday I get closer to switching to Blender...

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