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Maya to AE Live link offset issue

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Maya to AE Live link offset issue


I would like to know what is happening with the Maya to AE livelink workflow too. I have been trying to fix this for ages now. Maya will send the data over to ae but there seems to be a time/frame interpolation issue between the softwares. Either Maya or AE have an issue either exporting data or interpreting data between one another. You can try to offset this in AE by a frame or 2 and momentarily all seems fine but then the frames start to become more and more offset.

In contrast to sending a camera and object/null information to AE trying to send AE camera data to maya is also an issue. I spent some time trying to work this out and eventually have found the issue. I made a video of this here . So this video shows that if both maya and ae are set to the same frame rate there is still an offset issue. The work around is to change mayas fps to 24fps if ae is 25 fps. This is just for sending a camera to maya not the other war around which is another headache altogether. But it does show us something important and that is that something is broken and that the functionality isn't working and must be fixed as there are hundreds of Maya artist trying to use this and giving up. This needs fixing but more importantly having someone at Autodesk actually look at this properly and troubleshoot it like I have been trying to do. A link to some videos on how to start a live link wont do unless the videos are current and using latest versions of both maya and ae.

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