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maya tension deform bug?

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maya tension deform bug?


There are two objects in the scene, the one on the left is the default sphere, and the one on the right is the default sphere with vertices moved. And both deleted all history.

I added tension deformers to them, Options is the default, except that the Deformation order was changed to After.

However, in the node editor, the two objects show different nodes, why is this? Delta Mush has the same problem.

version: Maya 2023.2

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Delta mush and tension are to "clean" deformations on the same mesh. You dont need two meshes.

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thanks for the reply.


I mean, I can't add the correct tension deformer to the default sphere, but adding a tension deformer to the right sphere works fine.

So they look different in the node editor. The ball on the left doesn't deform properly, the one on the right does.


Why do they look different in the node editor?

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