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Maya Suddenly Crashes Often

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Maya Suddenly Crashes Often

Recently Maya has started to crash on me frequently, almost always while I'm using the UV editor - I would say 9 out of 10 times. Most of the time Maya just completely closes without the error crash report window coming up. Sometimes an auto save happens and sometimes it doesn't. Twice the file I'm working on becomes an MAA file with 5 digits at the end; I usually save as Maya ASCII Files. So becomes projectname.maa12345. If I look for all files when opening I have been able to open these MAA files, save as and continue working. The computer I'm currently using I built a little over a year ago and had zero problems for about 10 months then these crashes started happening suddenly. I have also noticed that when I have multiple viewports up and I am transforming (just move, scale, & rotate) that the mesh transforming seems to be sluggish and laggy, which was not an issue before. The laggy sluggish response when using those transform tools also has become an issue when moving UV Shells around and trying to lay them out. Arranging and editing the UV shells is when a crash almost always happens. I'm working on making low poly game art so the projects that I'm working on are nothing crazy.


At first I thought maybe the file(s) I was working on were corrupt, so I exported out as an OBJ and saved as a new file (after deleting history, freezing transformations, and resetting pivot points) that did not help. I tried resetting my preferences thinking that might be it, but that also did not help. I then uninstalled and reinstalled Maya which also did not help. I tried reinstalling again after removing all Autodesk stuff from my computer, which I must have missed something because when I started Maya the first time after doing so I still had my custom shelf at the top of the UI.


This is everything that I have noticed with the problem. I hope this helps and someone here might be able to help me find a solution.



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