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Maya stops responding at launch with white screen.

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Maya stops responding at launch with white screen.

Hi! I need help! Here's my story..


I was working on a maya project. Then my package delivery arrived wich is a ram stick I bought online. Wanted to install it soon as possible I save my work quit Maya and shutdown my pc. After installing the ram stick I checked everything, every places, and it installed correctly working properly. But after this, everytime I open Maya I would get a white screen - a title bar at the top and the typical 3 button on upper right corner. Checking the Task Manager I then find out maya actually have stopped responding. Please help, I really need to finish my project. I've tried everything other than reinstalling and I would not wish to do so.


Maya version: 2023.2

Processor: AMD A6-7480 Radeon R5
Installed RAM: 8.00 GB
System type: 64-bit, 64-based
Edition: Windows 11 Pro
Version: 22H2


Screenshot 2022-11-10 230022.png

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Just wanted to add also that I have other 3D program installed and they all work fine.

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Update: Decided to reinstall Maya but the problem still persists. Didn't notice at first but the same thing is actually happening to Motion Builder. I may don't have other more Autodesk product installed but I would assume, they will face the same issue.


Screenshot 2022-11-11 050857.png


This is ridiculous. Just from a simple ram upgrade and these product would all go stop working. 


Will try next:

- Removing the newly installed ram stick.

- Reinstalling my OS.

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Update: Tried removing the new stick and use only the old one. Yes, Maya opens again and showed the welcome screen. Same with Motion Builder. Tried removing the old stick and use only the newly bought stick. Yes, Maya also opens and showed the welcome screen.


Screenshot 2022-11-11 075343.png


Now, beginning to having fears that I might have purchased an unidentical copy of ram stick. So, I made some comparison using CPUID CPU-Z.


Ram Stick Comparison.jpg


Looking at it, I can't really tell if they are identical or not. But they are pretty much alike in most of the values. So, they are good.


Next, tried using both of the sticks (but this time, switched their slots) and.. Maya showed the white screen, again! 😞



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Update: Fixed it by reinstalling my OS. Really thought the issue was in my ram. Nope! I was wrong. My ram was doing just fine.


Maya Finally Starts.jpgMaya 2023 Install Complete.jpg

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