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Maya shut down right after show up loading screen

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Maya shut down right after show up loading screen

Good day, I would like to ask about my Maya 2020. I use the student's license. It looks like it turns off right after the loading screen show up. No notice board, no crash board, nothing. It just like Thanos decide to vanish it with a snap
First I try to solve it by reinstalling everything and it still not working. Then I go and check all my drivers as well as CPU drivers update, still not working. I try to install Maya 2018 and 2019 .... nope, the same problem, they keep open up the loading screen and turn off.
I saw somewhere that the solution could be found if I open the Maya batch. I tried it, a screen shows up which writes something like fatal something then turn off real fast, that why I can't read the whole thing. The next time I tried to open the Maya batch, that screen does not show up anymore. I'm using both 3ds Max and Fusion 360 and it working fine.
Here is the Maya log file that I found in the temp folder, to be honest, I don't understand a thing in this. I don't think the problem is with my laptop since it working fine before. I just install a new fresh win 10 and this happens.


Thank you for your time reading this and hope that you could help me

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