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Maya scene empty HELP!!

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Maya scene empty HELP!!

Hi There,


My whole file is gone, I have tried opening the file on the text editor as Autodesk advice but not "nan" or "nan(ind)" text on the file. Has anyone another way/tip on how I can recover it? Please!!



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There’s no file to try to open.

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Thank you so much, here is the file.

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Why you didn't post the file when you made the post?

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I did drag & drop the file and I though it has been uploaded but clearly was not.
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your Tower of London seems fine here. Try importing it.

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Thank you very much for your reply! Unfortunately, it didn't work 😞

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1. The scene is not a .ma file, so you can't open it with a Text Editor


2. After using File > Import, please hit hotkey "A" to focus the objects in Viewport 2.0


For further help, please post a screenshot of the Outliner after the import.

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