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Maya's 15% Price Increase...

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Maya's 15% Price Increase...

Over the past 3 years my single seat subscription has always hovered around NZ$2,350 +gst, (+/- 2%).

The current bill is for NZ$2,715 +gst... an increase of over 15%.

1. Who sets the regional price, is it Autodesk or the local reseller?

2. Is this increase typical of what people are seeing in other markets?


Maybe there's a valid reason but I still think its shameful that there was no notification of such a rise. Its not like Maya is brimming with new features compared to other software... although that's beside the point.

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in reply to: arcon76

I got a Maya Entertainment suite, it's increasing 10% a year since 2020 =910, 2021 =995$  ,  2022= 1,095$ in Hollywood, It's increased by your plan with Autodesk and local taxes.

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in reply to: damaggio

No that is wrong - as mentioned the single seat has always been the same price every year unless Autodesk announce a change which they never have.

The only local tax is GST which as mentioned was excluded from those prices... not sure what you're talking about.

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