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Maya Retopology smoothing issue

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Maya Retopology smoothing issue

Ok, the problem is that I did retopology in Maya, but the tris budget is about 15k. Basically, my mesh looks very quadrangulated (is it a real word?). By that, I mean it's very squared, quads are very defined, looks like MINECRAFT character! So apparently, I need to smooth the whole model, but if I go to Mesh>Smooth. It doubles my tris budget. Now the model looks good and smooth, I can bake all the details, but the budget is terrifying! Same thing if I press button "3", it will be smooth, but Polycount tool shows that now I have way more tris than needed. So what's the solution? I need a smooth character for baking and then to use it in the game, but how to keep the low number of tris/polys? 

I know it's possible because I did retopology in 3D coat later and pasted it to Maya. The mesh was very smooth (exactly what I need), and the number of tris was low! Then I decided to close some holes here and there, add some extra polys. So I did it in maya with Quad Draw. And now I have a smooth base of model (imported from 3D coat) and some very square loops (made in Maya later). 

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please post some images

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SOLVED: So all you need is to go "mesh display" > soft edges (if it doesn't work, press "unlock vertices" first, it's in the same menu). Now you mesh looks smooth and tris numbers are the same.

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