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Maya repeatedly checking for new modules after startup?

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Maya repeatedly checking for new modules after startup?

While looking into Maya freezing, and an issue with our studio network storage, we seem to have found something odd.  After Maya has fully started up, every 10 seconds we see Maya doing listings of the directories on MAYA_MODULE_PATH, and apparently loading any new modules it finds (say, if I manually put a test .mod file in one of the paths long after startup).  A "scripts" subdirectory from the module is put on MAYA_SCRIPT_PATH, MAYA_PLUG_IN_PATH, PYTHONPATH, etc., and the module now seems to be loaded.  It is as if Maya is effectively running maya.cmds.loadModule(allModules=True) every 10 seconds.


I can't find anything like this documented anywhere - is it actually Maya doing this, and if so is there any way of disabling this or altering that 10-second repeat time?  This is on Windows, with both Maya 2020 and Maya 2022.0


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