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Maya render always rebooting

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Maya render always rebooting

Hi there.


I have a unique bug and I'm not sure how to describe it.


Whenever I render something via IPR, the render keeps restarting. I've tested this on Arnold and vRay renderer, and the IPR keeps refreshing. 


Also whenever I try to change a value within the attribute editor, it won't accept the new value i just typed.


What I do see happening is almost like there's a constant input coming from somewhere within Maya that keeps the "tick rate" constantly running so it purposely interrupts the IPR render as well as not allowing me to change any values because the "tick rate" is always replacing it.


I used the phrase tick rate because its the only phrase i can use to explain the situation. 


I've tried to do process by elimination and I still cannot figure it out. Whenever I start a new scene and even going as far as to re-installing windows (this was done via personal choice and not for maya), the problem still persists.


I have a grudge that it may be to do with the expression "time" as due to the nature of my project, I'm calling the time function which is being controlled via expressions, but my 'naiveness' in scripting may be exaggerating this issue.


Thank you

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in reply to: samunawa

Hello @samunawa,


thanks for posting this! Could you test, if the IPR renderer behaves normally with a scene file that does not contain the time expression script? If so, would it be possible to share the scene file?


Looking forward to your reply!


Best regards,


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in reply to: patrick.schock

Hi Patrick.


Apologies for the late reply.


I've tested this on a scene that doesn't contain the time node and it doesn't seem to be playing up there.


Unfortunately, I cannot post the scene! 😞


But is there anything that you could suggest in regards to the time node as I have a strong feeling that it most likely is that.


Thank you!

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in reply to: samunawa

I have the same problem with this scene of a snowball. The aiLayerRgba enable/disable may be the cause ... or the Volume noise plugged into that. 


It is maddening as I never get to see the image, just constantly updating stochastic noise sample. 


Any advice would be appreciated. Note - I had to .zip the .mb because this website would not allow me to upload .mb files on Chrome nor Firefox. Hmmmm



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in reply to: chaneyx

I have determined there is an endless command running when I turn on "echo all commands" in the scriptEditor . Probably an AETemplate bug?


This is the command that is running :


timeField -edit -value `currentTime -query` TimeSlider|MainTimeSliderLayout|formLayout8|timeField1


It does not seem to be coming from a scriptJob as I when I type "scriptJob -lj" it is not listed.

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