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Maya not loading after installing new GPU, CPU and Motherboard

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Maya not loading after installing new GPU, CPU and Motherboard

Hello Forum users;


I have an issue that I simply can't resolve and need help with. Three weeks ago I purchased a monthly license for Maya. When loading it would show a white screen. I got help from Autodesk technical support and they did a clean uninstall and reinstall and created a new Windows User account and were able to load Maya successfully in that account, and then switched back to my regular user account. Maya was loading and working fine.


Yesterday I had Canada Computers technician install a new GPU (3700X) and CPU (5800X), and a new motherboard and RAM to enhance performance on my PC, for doing water sim rendering/caching. When I tried to open Maya, I ran into same issue from three weeks ago: Maya has white screen when loading. Task Manager shows almost no utilization and no power usage for Maya, and less than 1% memory being used.


I am in need of help, as the water simulation video I am creating (2 min at 24fr/sec) is to be used for a government tribunal hearing.


Any help would be much appreciated!


Kind regards,

Les L


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