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Maya not exporting hard edges

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Maya not exporting hard edges

I have an object with some hard and soft edges but when I export to Unity it seems that some hard edges are getting softened:a1.jpg


A test was done in Modo to see if the problem was caused by Unity, the FBX was imported there and that same edge looked soft in Modo:



Any ideas on what is going one here? And how can I fix it?

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That could be the tangent space of Unity.

Different engines and DCCs do have different tangent spaces.

Is there a way to check if the edge is really soft in Unity?

How does it look if you import it back to maya?

Are the normals unlocked?

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in Maya the normals are unlocked.
No way to check if the edge is soft or hard in Unity but in Blender yes and it's soft even through its set to hard in Maya.
Now if I set all edges to hard then in Unity it looks hard.

How can export back from Unity, do I need a tool for this?

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