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Maya no longer imports audio files with their filename

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Maya no longer imports audio files with their filename

Recently moved from maya 2018 to maya 2022.3 and have come across this issue. When importing an audio file in 2018 it would have the name of the file as the name of the node,  doing exactly the same in maya 2022 gives the audio a generic name 'Audio1', 'Audio2',  I can't see anything obvious that im missing with regards to prefs or import settings, also tried using python with the rename and replace flags but no luck, I know that I can just rename the node manually after import but i'd really like to have the same behaviour that was in 2018. 


If anyone knows what could be going on in 2022? or if someone else can get audio file name as the name of the audio node on import without manually renaming it in 2022 that would also be good. At least then i know its possible and that there's something going on locally.


Thanks in advance to any replies!

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I can confirm that this is a known issue in Maya 2022.

MAYA-120666 - imported audio clips don't retain filename anymore

Brent McPherson
Principle Engineer

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