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Maya nCloth problem! maya buffers a lot and shuts down (need help)

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Maya nCloth problem! maya buffers a lot and shuts down (need help)

Hi, i'm having trouble with nCloth and i need help.

(i'm not good at english so if there's some awkward grammar in this post, pls ignore it.)


I want to make nCloth object flying around, so i made nCloth object and was messing with nCloth attribute to make it looks like i had imagined.

but at some point, my computer can't playback. when i hit play, it buffers, took about 5 minutes or more to simulate a single frame, and esc key to stop playback not working. sometimes, maya just close itself with a message. so i had to force stop maya and restart it. but after i forced stop and restarted maya several times, it goes worse. my parent constraint for nCloth object not working, and even maya closed itself once when i tried to delete and remake all constraint for nCloth objects again. (for detail, it was Fx/nConstraint/Transform constraint.)

(it's not 'once' anymore, it keeps closing itself whenever i create Transform constraint. i just wanted to make top and bottom vertex loop of my nCloth object Transform constrained. when i make top vertex loop constraint, it's ok, however if i tried to make second(bottom)transform constraint, error message shows up then maya closed itself.)


i tried everything i can think of. i deleted nCloth history(all history) then tried again, remove nCloth then recreated new nCloth, yet none of it worked. Oh and i'm not using cached playback! still, i tried to delete cache but it showed me message there is no cache to delete, of course.

i thought maybe its because my computer is not good enough, but if that is, shouldn't it work fine when i delete history or remove nCloth and recreated? my guess is this is because of some other kind of history, but i don't know how to delete it. 


i can just create whole new object and do it again, but i thought if i don't know why this is happening and how to fix it, it will happen again.... actually it already did because it happened to me before but at that time i got annoyed and stopped looking for solution, now here i am. is there does anyone having same problem as mine and solved it? i really need help. if there's any tip to make it work fine, please share with me. btw i'm using maya 2022.

Sorry for babbling, i'm too frustrated.


+) I don't think it's in this specific scene that is causing problem. I went back to previous scene file which was saved way before this whole messed up happened, and its playback buffers too.(it worked totally fine before.)

even though i make new object and make nCloth, still it shuts down the program the moment i make the second transform constraint for setting up(I didn't even touched the attributes). 

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OK never mind I fixed it.

i just reset maya preference by renaming pref folder, now it works fine.

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