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maya middle mouse menu drag in Outliner stopped working

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maya middle mouse menu drag in Outliner stopped working

I can no longer middle mouse drag items in the outliner to group and parent.  I tried restarting and working from a blank scene - no luck.  It started when I imported an FBX.  I thought it had some sort of lock on the elements, but this is not the case?????

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Can you try deleting your settings/preferences and see if that changes anything?


Please let me know how that goes!


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Thanks.  I deleted my prefs and that fixed it.

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This happened again.  I tried deleting userprefs but no luck.  If I try to ungroup from file menu I get the following error:


// Error: line 0: Can't ungroup leaf-level transforms //

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It looks you simple select the wrong node.

You need to select the parent (group) node, not the child node.

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No. I have the correct node selected. This happened before. I have lost
the ability to middle mouse and move things in the outliner, I have
something I want to ungroup. It wont let me do it from the menu or by
middle mouse. I tried deleting prefs but still a problem.
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Please upload a scene-file.


// Error: line 0: Can't ungroup leaf-level transforms //

This clearly states what command you used and what's the problem.

However this may not be related to your mouse problem.

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I restarted my computer and it resolved!

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Hi I know this post is old but I faced the same issue and turned out that in the Outliner right click then Choose  Sort Order > Scene Hierarchy  chances you chose Alphabetical Within Type. 1.png

Choose Scene Hierarchy.


This Solved the problem on my end.



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This has started happening to me in the last couple of days....never had it in years of working in Maya....deleting prefs or restarting a machine shouldn't be solutions. If this happens randomonly and I need to save large comps and restart its not practical. 

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This started happening to me also and not only in outliner but in channel box as well. When I want to change values with MMB and drag, it works one time on a fresh opened scene but sometimes after few minutes or ten seconds (randomly), it stops working.

I can't use default prefs file after 20 years of working in Maya (what is the point of having prefs if I have to delete it every day seven times.) Backed up prefs folder from few months ago does the same. I am using Maya version 2020.3 now.



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I had this same issue and had to go to Preferences> Animation and uncheck both
"GPU override" and "include controllers in evaluation graph"


no idea why that worked, but for me it did.

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This started happening to me

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Tried everything, still not resolved

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I know this might be too late, but incase anyone new is here, try clicking on your middle mouse button superfast, like for some 50-60 times. Also do the same with left and right buttons. Fixed my issue, lol/

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