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Maya MASH crash when using Orient to Velocity

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Maya MASH crash when using Orient to Velocity

I think I know why it's happening, but I don't think it should be happening.


Trying to keep it short, I make an nParticle emitter, a primitive, and then use that primitive as the Repro Mesh. I then select the particles then the mash waiter and go to the MASH menu and tell it to make particles distribute MASH points. The primitive is now being instance on the particles and everything is fine. But if I add the Orient MASH module and switch it to Velocity, it works until you go back to frame 1, at which point it hangs for about 10 seconds and then Maya disappears.


Now, my theory is that its crashing because since there are no particles at the beginning, it doesn't know how to compute the velocity, since there is none. This is supported by changing the start frame of the time slider to frame 2, so when the timeline repeats, there are already particles spawned and it doesn't crash.


This doesn't really make it usable since you need to go back to frame 1 (or whatever the sim start frame is) to reset the sim, (otherwise the sim never clears) but again if you do that, it'll crash.


The only work around I found is to cache out the particles, then start the time slider one frame after the sim start frame, and then you can see the objects orient based on velocity without a hitch.


So my question is, is this normal behaviour? It seems like Maya should know that when there are no particles, don't try to calculate velocity. We first ran into the issue on Maya 2020.4, but I have since tried on Maya 2022.4 and Maya 2023.2 and had the same issue. This is all on Windows 10 Pro. Any help is appreciated.



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