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Maya Install ubuntu 21.04 (Attempting to save in: [Folder] [Name].ma)

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Maya Install ubuntu 21.04 (Attempting to save in: [Folder] [Name].ma)

Hello Dear Community,
I have a problem with my system.
I use Ubuntu 21.04 and on this system I wanted to install Maya 2020 or 2022.
I can install everything but I can not start it.

I always get the error messages:

"Fatal Error. Attempting to save in [foldername]".

There are also various approaches for a solution. But in the end they tell me that my GPU is not suitable for Maya.

I can not agree with that.

On my Windows machine (same GPU) Maya works fine.
On my Ubuntu system 20.04 Maya works perfectly.

Only in Ubuntu 21.04 Maya does not work.

The funny thing about this story is that both systems use the same driver version:
Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 - driver version 465 <- Ubuntu 20.04 Works
Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 version 465 <- Ubuntu 21.04 Nope


The same is also with version 460 Stable


I hope someone can help me.


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in reply to: Sion.Savior

Mhm after 2 Days no answer .. mhm Okay.

I switched back to Ubuntu 20.04. Now Maya works again...

But thank you.

have a nice day

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in reply to: Sion.Savior

If you have a call stack from the crash that would be helpful to understand what incompatibility you are encountering.  Running from a terminal should give more info, or running under a debugger to get a stack trace. Could also enable core dump on crash to post process to get stack trace


there are differences between Red Hat and Debian based distros.  That package versions can make the difference

Wayne Arnold


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