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Maya has stopped working-screen has gone white

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Maya has stopped working-screen has gone white

Good morning;
My Maya stopped working entirely on my Desktop. Not sure what this is attributed to; the only thing I changed on my computer was adding a PW during my log in to my PC. Please contact me as soon as you can, as I have deliverables and project work to do this week.
When I click on the Maya logo on my Taskbar (using Windows 11), it appears to be loading, but the screen appears white. I had this issue in Sept/Oct 2023, and an Autodesk technician was able to help me get it up and running again.
Thank you for considering my request and for your help.
Kind regards,
Leslie Luxemburger
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Maybe corrupted prefs. Try to delete them.
If that doesnt help i would try a clean reinstall.

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Thanks Christoph. I will give those suggestions a try and re-evaluate. All the best.

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