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Maya for Mac on Big Sur

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Maya for Mac on Big Sur

Anyone test Maya on Big Sur?

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in reply to: movefoundry

Well-I unwittinglytested it. I updated to Big Sur without knowing Maya (and Substance painter) are incompatible.  When I load the software, the viewport is transparent. I can see a frozen snapshot of my desktop. I reached out to Autodesk support and they said it is a known issue and that they do not list the OS as part of their supported hardware/software. I have to try and figure out how to downgrade my MacOS to Catalina. I wish I had looked into it first.

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in reply to: rekkerf



Did you try to scale Maya window (not the viewport, but the whole Maya interface window)? It can be just a tiny bit and then you can scale it back. I can't test it now (not in front of computer a this moment), but I remember that this was solving transparent viewports bug for me before. 




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in reply to: kamild

This was my first approach as it has resolved display issues on Mac in the past. It didn't help resolve the issue this time. 


Oddly enough, this morning Maya is operating perfectly. This error was occurring on a fresh install of Maya 2020 on a 2018 MacBook Pro 15. I also had the same issue with Substance Painter. 


I ran some Apple diagnostics but changed nothing. The only other thing I changed was that I added the Maya Bonus Tools. 


Crossing my fingers that it remains stable but I will stick to the Autodesk recommended operating systems.

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Hello, now Autodesk says that Maya is compatible with macOS big sur. Did someone try recently to run Maya with this macOS? Some issues? Thanks

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I've been running the latest Maya 2020.4 on Big Sur with no issues.


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Thank you for the information
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in reply to: alan.trebeschi

I just ran into display issue after upgrade to Mac OS Big Sur last night 😞 the exact same issue. the display screen is just a frozen shot of my desktop. How do you resolve this? Screen Shot 2021-05-01 at 11.29.21 AM.png

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in reply to: grace.hsu

Did you update it at the last 2020 version?

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in reply to: rekkerf

Did you solve this issue? If so how did you do it? Thanks in advance.

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in reply to: alan.trebeschi

Yes. I just deleted my Maya 2020 and redownload from Autodesk. Still the same issue. 

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in reply to: movefoundry

Hi, how did you get the 2020.4 for Mac? for some weird reason I only have window ones on my account under the Product Updates:Screen Shot 2021-05-01 at 1.55.34 PM.png

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