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Maya File Node with UV Set

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Maya File Node with UV Set

I have 2 UV Set. First set is for Xgen. Second is for textures and displacement. While UV Linking works for anything plugged into the material, there is no way to UV link a displacement as it does not show up in the UV Linking list. One work around was to add a custom attribute and then UV link it. But it seems to not work properly with Arnold GPU. It works with Arnold CPU.


Anyone here know a way to specify which UV set to use to render displacement using the Maya's File Node or any specific node for that matter? Arnold's aiImage node has a way to specify UV Set to use but it seems broken.

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in reply to: dhanad

Hello @dhanad,


please see this post in Arnold Answers: aiImage node, how to assign a UVset other then the default one?

Can you try to set the UV set in the aiImage node in the same way?


Hope this helps!

Best regards,


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