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Maya Fatal error Crash everytime I try to open a scene, please Help!

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Maya Fatal error Crash everytime I try to open a scene, please Help!

Hello, I've been having this issue often for the past two days.I worked for the entire day on a maya scene, since I already had the same problem yesterday I made sure today to save my project often, I saved manually a couple of times and activated autosaves every 10 minutes, now I have 10 saved scenes in total. I was working without any problems but at a certain point I wanted to go back to the last saved file, now here's the issue: Maya gives me a fatal error message and crashes everytime I try to open any of the last 10 saved scenes. Since I'm working on hard surface stuff I'm modeling with the smooth mesh preview activated and I think that opening a scene with the preview activated may be the problem (despite I opened some old scenes without errors) but I'm not sure. I'll attach a screenshot with the error messages. Please help if you can, It's an important project and I want to recover the scene and avoid the same problem in the future, thanks.
Maya Crash.jpg

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I fixed the problem: I thought that maybe that non-manifold geometry reported in the error were 3 objects I created with the MASH network, so I opened the crashed maya ascii file in the notepad, i searched every line with MASH1, MASH2 and MASH3 written in and deleted those lines, saved the file, and now it opens correctly in maya
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Thank you! That fixed it for me too... but:


Bonus round! What if you have a .mb file instead? This is what I did:


1. Open Maya and save an empty scene as .ma

2. Import the .mb into the new scene

3. Smash the CTRL+S keys as if you were canceling an accidental call to Emergency Services

4. Hopefully the save took hold before the fatal error and you now have a .ma file to edit in notepad

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