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Maya error- # Warning: 你的文件贼健康~我就说一声没有别的意思 #

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Maya error- # Warning: 你的文件贼健康~我就说一声没有别的意思 #

I am now receiving this message each time I save a scene 


it translates as this- # Warning: Your file thief is healthy~ I just say it has no other meaning


WTF? is this a joke or has someone backdoored maya? 

I tried posting screenshots but they won't take 

Widows 10



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Getting the same thing

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in reply to: PhilRadford

We've identified this script back in September. From what we see it seems to be an attempt to remove another script exploit that came out around June.


Best way to remove this is to install the 1.0.2 version of the Maya Security tools.


More info in this article.

Ben Bisares
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@BenBisares thanks so much - I am surprised it didn't come up in my search for info

But the Warning is spelled incorrect on the page. - ? Thanks so much for pointing me to a fix - I was concerned 

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I have Maya student version and this solution with tools package did not work for me, it continues with the warning in Chinese and apparently I have no more undo.

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hi, if you cant use the security tools you may try this out. it work for me... the file that have vaccine, and open expression editor clear the script inside script editor that not create by you....after that tick on the DAG node and search for "gene"...if you find something(vaccine/breed/gene)just delete it


2. close maya and open document>maya>script>userSetup in notepad and remove the "import vaccine……". the and clear everthing inside then save it. after all done you may go to file properties set it to "read only". then this vaccine cant import into your pc 

hope this can solve your problem😉

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in reply to: yiingrou

🤝Спасибо, ваш способ работает. Осталось выяснить откуда появляется эта гадость.

Google translated from Russian:
Thanks, your way works. It remains to find out where this muck comes from.

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Thanks a lot for your help!
I managed to walk to the script editor and delete ¨genes¨ from there, I didn't think about DAG.
Now, I'm checking my files in the DAG of every Maya I open, how great!!


In item 2, I deleted some vaccine/breed files from C:\Users\Documents\maya\scripts
But without opening a notepad, I was already deleting it. As a matter of fact, my scripts folder now is empty.
But also now I can't find any userSetup, I hope I didn't do anything silly with it.


And the item 3, I have no idea how to get there.


Anyway, I thank you, because the Chinese message seems to have stopped,
even if not doing item 2 correctly (I think) and not being able to do item 3.

I hope it stays that way without messages.


Thanks, thanks and thanks again for your help!!

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hi, is the not there at the beginning or deleted by you? if
deleted, you may need to add it back, otherwise it will affect your python
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hi, is the not there at the beginning or deleted by you? if deleted, you may need to add it back, otherwise it will affect your python scripting.

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I have som problem. I've installed tool but when I started it I saw 2.png


what is it mean? 

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I did not have that problem- sorry I can't help but oddly this error returned last night! WTF??

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in reply to: yiingrou

works like a charm brother thanks!!

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Found out how to remove virus via secret library on mac.



1 ) select desktop under tab "Go" hold "Option"

2) select Library folder

    a) look in Preference folder

    b) Then in Autodesk folder

    c) Then in Maya folder

    d) Then in Scripts folder

3) Delete all three files in Script folder

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Once you open the infected file with ExecuteScriptNodes enabled, it will re-appear.
Search for the nodes with "gene" or "vaccine" in the name.
Also, create an empty userSetup.mel file in that scripts folder, and make it read-only.

Maya2019.1 @ Windows10 & GeForce GTX1080Ti

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in reply to: hamsterHamster

Thanks... maya files open good, but it has slowed down the overall application. Did it happen to anyone ?

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It’s working as fast as it did before.

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in reply to: wgward8L3GD

I just search the place you said, but I didn't find the files in my whole mac, but the words are still appear, any solution on mac?

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I've had the same message.

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If you're still getting the message make sure you have the Maya Security tools installed.



Ben Bisares

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