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Maya educational and asset distribution

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Maya educational and asset distribution

I would love to ask, because english is not my native language and reading the eula to the letter caused me fatigue, for your insight. I've recently started learning some unreal engine scripting and I think I wanna sell some of my creations on their community market. I wanna sell the blueprints BUT I have some crude animations created in MAYA. My question is: can I somehow state that the animations included are NOT what I'm making money off, since i have an educational licence, and that it's actually a part of the visual representation of what my script does? If I remove from the "market file" the animations and have a link to download them in a third party site for free will not conflict with the EULA? I really need some help on this subject, any insight is welcome and thank you for your help.

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The Student/Educational licenses pretty much follow one rule: The license is to be used for personal learning and academic classroom situations only. That’s it.

Your intention would be beyond those parameters as you are using Maya in a commercial toolchain, on top of being outside personal learning, even if it is for representation purposes only.

However, would Autodesk go after you for doing this? 99.999999% chance of “no, not worth their legal team’s time”. Unless today is the day they decided to really become whip holders 😉

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well its sad actually.... well i guess im gonna just download blender again xD or if its just like 300 frames of crude animation not even care... Thank you tho! really appreciate your help!

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