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Maya does not support function keys like f13 and up

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Maya does not support function keys like f13 and up

Hey all, unless I'm mistaken it seems like Maya doesn't support function keys above f12. Am I incorrect or is there a solution to this?



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true Maya does't support :

 -custom keyboard keys like


-media playback keys :


-we can't replace some very important keys like backspace ,tab ...

-none standard keys like F13

* but we can rebind those to other keys like Ctrl + Shift + W

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Hey thanks @Abdulla-Qaladzay !

That's a shame. While Maya's hotkey editor is nice in many ways, manually searching to find empty hotkeys with modifiers is a bit tedious. As someone with actual f1-f24 keys, it just feels like wasted opportunities. 😟
To my knowledge, f13 - f24 exist the same as f1-f12 on a system level and are so infrequently used that they're easy "clean" hotkeys most of the time. Add modifiers on top of them and the possibilities increase even further.

I'd wager there's no real way to make feature requests for that sort of thing though yeah? 😖😅


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F13 isn't a nonstandard key, it's just an uncommon one.  There's a big difference.


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Eh.. very uncommon. I've got a Corsair RGB keyboard with 18 additional keys, but I've never even heard of one with additional F keys beyond 12. I would hope that any keyboard with such uncommon keys would at least have a downloadable software from which to program the keys.

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Hey, I know this topic is a couple years old, but I want to put it out there that I also would appreciate having F13-F24 supported.


Here is a list of key codes:


Having F13-24 and as many other key codes as possible would be a huge help to macro users like me. I use an old IBM terminal keyboard that has 24 function keys, as well as another macropad. Currently, I have to remap all these keys to combos like ctrl+shift+alt+a, ctrl+shift+alt+b, etc. It works but is very cumbersome. Having extra key codes available would be awesome, because as OP said, they're easy, "clean" hotkeys.

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