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Maya deleted half of the scene and left some bright green objects

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Maya deleted half of the scene and left some bright green objects

I was using Maya for creating a low poly model on top of the High one (Final work for my Bachelor's degree). After I've done that, I started to make a UV map, saved everything, and close the program. I didn't receive any errors or crashes while working but when I open my file the next day, half of the information (all the low poly parts and UVs) just gone. It left me only a bright green high poly model (which means that file lost shaders info). I got an error called "// Error: line 0: Error reading file."
Here is the text from Script Editor: // Warning: line 0: Errors have occurred while reading this scene that may result in data loss.
I have already tried to export it as fbx, assign new material, save it as MA, and nothing helped. It seems to me that some script error appears. I really hope that the solution exists for my situation.
I should have more objects in the outliner, especially lowpoly ones with ready UVs. 

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The file is probably truncated, so some data like shading network connections and some meshes are missing.  It's hard to say without looking at the file, but that's what it sounds like.  That might happen if you're saving to a USB drive and it wasn't disconnected properly, if the PC lost power, etc.


Check the directory containing the file for any scene files with similar names to yours.  When Maya saves a scene, it renames the old scene file, eg. "" is renamed to something like "scene.maa12345" before writing the new scene.  It's a long shot since usually those files are only left behind if Maya crashes while saving (it deletes them after the save is successful), but worth checking.


Other than that, I don't know if there's anything I can suggest beyond recovering what you can (reassigning materials should fix green models).  I always recommend never using File > Save, and always using File > Increment and Save instead, so a new file is written each time you save.  That way, you always have constant backups being made over time to recover if something goes wrong.


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Thanks for this advice! you saved me. Never noticed that file.

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