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maya default lighting makes all models/meshes dark when referencing or importing- color mgt issue?

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maya default lighting makes all models/meshes dark when referencing or importing- color mgt issue?


I am using Maya 2022 and the default lighting makes every model's mesh I import/reference so dark.  Every I reference a new rig in maya 2022 the mesh looks really dark. I do not understand this.  I read somewhere that it is color management under preferences.  I tried default back to legacy and it got a little brighter, however still too dark.  Please advise and tell me and post a screen shot of the settings I should use in color management. I attached the file. I am using a mac. Thank you


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Reverting to the color mgt legacy settings provides the same Color Mgt as Maya prior to Maya 2022. When investigating a potential Color Mgt issue (i.e. viewport darker compare to Maya 2020 for example), you can also keep the Maya 2022 config but change the view to 'un-tone-mapped'. Both approaches then display brighter images in the viewport (as you have experienced). If you end-up with the same viewport colors between Maya 2020 and Maya 2022, it means that Color Mgt is working as expected. 


Note that the intent starting with Maya 2022 is to better support the new ACES workflows which means to leave space for bright colors (instead of clamping them like before).

Even if that's difficult to have a clear conclusion on your specific problem as the viewport remains too dark, your try indicates that Color Mgt is unlikely to be the issue generating the problem.

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Thank you 🙂

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